Those Hypocritical Egomaniacs, Should Undermine No-one

Power, beseeches and preaches for those without,

When In doubt and fear their hunger erodes the pride,

And tides our precocious liars with more than more, pushing for

While rather erratic, still hurtful, perpetual ignorance.

Prevailing to exile not only common sense from a parliament department,

But the compartmentalisation of a nationless heroine or hero

Eluded to suppose they watch the mundane ridiculing the “insane” for thinking

In a way that’s deemed unmeasurable by a governing institution.

We, they and you understand the illusion. Barley the numbing of such to inspire

A generation-less vote, brings us to denote the conclusion that press,

press both impressionist falsification while, not so successfully,

hiding profitability behind clerical security, to a class vs class catastrophe.

The thieves push the low to sink unto the darkness below;

because the Sun stole the light.

What d'ya think?

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