Let Us Walk

It’s the glowing sunset of a London spring day

That stylish stroll down a smashed cracked curb

It’s the crystal white attraction

Within the dense city and the morally dissolute

The wealthier man and his tattered jacket

Not a penance to his name but a life well spent

A glare in his stare and a wise in his eyes

As the people with change continuously lie

Continuously lie

Continuously lie

Continuously lie

Where do I cash in?

Take a glance of the world and see a skyline scraped by concrete

Well fuck that,

The open sky like a knife slash, and a stained 90’s denim jacket,

The block of flats so unlovely and kitsch

And as Britain changes its classes and colours, colours and classes

With the sounds of a new London

Battered and bruised by a poor education

In the private schools

On the privates estates covered in fake yellow flowers

Cashing our giros whilst twizzling our biros

and now our philosophy and our dreams our worthless,

not even a penny

Say goodbye to the welfare

The state is now sucking the tit of the man-made maid.

We’re left in the bittersweet melancholy

The evil embrace the happiness or horror

With an enjoyment in the mystery of its own misery

The new love

As we stand at the fag-end of a fucked generation

Alive but just breathing

So life’s a trial,

Even though we tried it all and we’re clearly tired by it all

Too far, too wide, and far too many times,

And now we’ve realised,

It’s too late

But we persist without surrender, Fuck no we won’t surrender

It’s time to attack

Our knees covered in mud as we get on all fours in No Man’s land

We strut to a famous tune of oranges and lemons, serving our meals

As the police sirens boom and spin saving the wails from the crowd

Save yourself

Opiates save the elite

And the illegitimate brother too

Cheaply beating the kids of Britain, at a price,

So let’s go for a walk, you and I.

Let’s go for a while and not come back

We can sit beneath the sun

A stranded street lamp still on at noon

As it fights with gravity it can brand our skin

Fight our life until it explodes

What d'ya think?

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