The Last Receipt

I am neither collective, nor am I singular;

but, I know my purpose.

I am validation, your security to purchase.

Alas forgotten, left to rot, in the wallets of all.


Only deeming me useful as instigated proof.

Perpetually worsened by three red stripes that indicate

my interchangeable similar must be replaced.

A warning for one, please continue to cycle as you do,

For now my purpose is unfulfilled I am tossed to the trash.

Pointless, I fail to validate myself.

What is the next step?

I pray the day you no longer need our

assistance comes swiftly and effortlessly.

So that no more are burnt, torn or wasted,

for is it a pipe-dream to wish that someday,

you may rely on your papered confirmation electronically?

What d'ya think?

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