Are you here?

Where are you near?

Give me a sign, I’ll be your dear.

Practically your actually impractically flawless,

Well, I guess you saw this?

Would the disposition be frightening?

Now i’ve got to clarify the agency, obtain a background history.

Though mystery has it, you’ve had this before.

You’re definitely frightening.

Let me decide factually if your to do list contains the remedy,

Solution, failing the antique mystique whirs,

between the stirs in the wall, hallway, or kitchen stalls.

I’ve never been quite this tested.

Invisible you’re magical, possibly unimaginable.

Yet most likely just the shadow I premeditate.

To wonder is wasteful, I understand your distasteful grammar.

They think it matters.

Change isn’t necessarily the mover of time,

rather dividing the promissory of clandestine impossibility.

A simple trivia of unbeknownst gravitas.

To pry open or banish that electromagnetic catalyst,

A no other way situation, true, I’ll let you stew diamond,

Someday, we’ll all see your edges.

What d'ya think?

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