The searing heat from the air clasped thickly to the bare areas of his skin, provoking restlessness within his astoundingly well kept determination to survive the withstanding inertia of his overexposure. Optical fantasies tied together his mental instability in a lucidity, flourishing prettily with the nonsensical. The serenity of the vivid images crossed between the living, or the dead, it was difficult to know in his state. Fantastic impossibilities appeared flaunting a fairy-tale of bandits carrying coils of carpet across the view. Bearing weathered leathers in the boom of the sun, shooting pistols into the air, enticingly, seemingly just for fun. He gazed upon them in complete disbelief covering his eyes with his hand, opening them again. He precluded: delusional.

As he agreed to himself, the whole spectrum of light rose from the earth below, sending streams of colour into the sky. Painting his vision in a rainbow solidification of agonisingly bright, explicitly intrinsic, things. To his left personified rocks began to shake the sand, slowly emerging from below, causing him to fall in spectacular fashion. Confidently they muttered words of wisdom in a multitude of earthly tones, foiling the foundations of a fractal inconvenience. They insisted calmly, organising themselves into groups of five to ten. Once gathered in their assumed positions, they struck a pose, smiled, then sat patiently. He felt aware. He felt scared, they seemed friendly and thus he was reluctantly unprepared. His cognitive arousal was vastly spiking for now he had succumb to perusing the isles of inner imaginary deception similar to the symptoms of hydration deprivation. This dehydrated state, puppeteering his oddly innocuous perceptions of the environment he couldn’t quite remember how he’d arrived, joking to himself as to be sure whether he would ever be departing alive.

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