Gregarious by nature, just of that, with not enough niceness to ask in a manner that lacks assertion or prevention within the prevailing activities. The surroundings are seen, as she wakes, she’s keen in her objectives when others would purposefully reject them. Searching for the same place that contains sustenance and hydration the contemplation of this beast would dignify that of a sign. Scorning; beware be mindful and care, if she’s staring then you’re not running, and if you’re not running then you’ll bare the consequences. She nears the edge but the oblivion of fear lets you know she fends for the clan. The rain is fairly irrelevant as the ice bounds and cascades past the indifference to need you around, to break the tempest of  her heritage. She can’t stop, images acting as a pity barrage of indignity and parasites feeding after want, satisfying the ego of guilt. She feels, but you wouldn’t care, three pounds is more than enough.

What d'ya think?

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