As Empty As Rest, As Unfashionable As A Vest.

In the mindset, it is unbecoming to realize that your own inferiority is baffled in the reflection of time. As for one and two there maybe three or four then in the mist of the past, an understanding in faux pas pressures your final preempted end piece. The Everest of your own commendation is questionable and repeatably detestable, as for those without mind or soul to compare themselves to. Finally opening up and dilly dallying among the condemnation of their own failed aspiration. Smitten like catted cream, you milk everything you need with the greed and facilitation of rules that allow you to barge and charge your custom for kindness, considering yourself the award for open mindedness as ethics is all that stands between the end and your approximation. An amalgamation of integrity sits seated in turmoil, an emotionless foil as you know what is wrong is wrong; however, its only until your caught you charge the guilt of your inner thought to an apology. It’s half reckless, but mostly indignant to expect more of your courtship, because your manner is minor in this obliterating circumstance. Whom left to blame as the culture of shame takes another name to bury and burn in the intoxicatingly over-developed ancestral mortification we seem happy to bear. Whats worse is your lack of apprehension, as if this isn’t that bad and so it could carry on until it oversteps the line far enough it warrants your ultimate and sarcastic¬†depreciation. This fallacy will forever hold you accountable for your misdemeanor in knowing how to handle any and such situation, as I barely recognize you anymore.

What d'ya think?

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