Hiding From The Bite

In light of the recent tragedy, I dread to inform, that most in the mind were boiled and torn, the remaining presenting complicated implications. Apparitions now, for they scarcely cease to be caring, as it appeals to those without necessity. The self-belief, moreover, can be buried deep in the sea, positional indifference you see. Open their eyes, because its fairly commonly believed that before you know mine, we’ll finally unwind what it means to be called human. Lest forget that perspective is the intangible contingent that runs between us, me and you. Privately we’ll elude each other and under cover minds confess it all, ask just a soul and he’ll give it his whole. Missing the sparkle in their eyes, they’ve come to despise the trouble of breaking the bubble. They’ll always be wrong if they haven’t fallen there.

So buff the spangle of being boisterous and pray the kneeling sideline doesn’t cut too deep. These beats from the street causing a cohesion, spouting bangers from the disco, the frisk disc of electro techno leads to the heavy bevies that moistens the whistle and elicit the final eventuality of the delightful streaking student parading a half naked booty bouncing from the nights dare. You’ll do well not to stare young warrior, as a bet begets the level of condition to make the darer charge more for the danger; known most informally as, peril pay. The most exciting of all possible employment.

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