You found the way, towards a sunlight swoon of hypocrisy, judgment and sweet loathing that you ensue, ensuring a weak performance with a wilted bark. Pitiful, and the envy, shroud your aurora, you should be loved but its your pre-thinking that thinks you’re alone. Together once more, their mild telephone call ends more heated than it was before. Homogeneous by design, they stay openly distant, insisting, there is more likability in spontaneity, supposedly. To suppose you’re lost of your ways, immaturely behaved and the best part is your mockery of it in others is like passing a guilty elephant. Tension drowns the room. All in all, they lazily reconciled their principles, you must know retreat is always the last resort, but in a condition as privileged as this neither would fancy their chances remaining desperately separate. The two, paired in the folly of disagreement, laughed jadedly to their decision, time to pretend to be the fire to her ignition.

What d'ya think?

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