Your blue door saw me, spies of the reprise from surprising me, I cooperate but am reluctant to happily serve the brothers we’ve been introduced to. God only the knows the name of a man dressed head to toe in a camouflage patterned attire, in order to respire, I sip my nectar. Describing the implication of  exclusive knobosiry that was thrust upon us in this fashionable bereavement, flowering from your indecisiveness. Preciseness is something that embodies the disorganization of an emptied mind, but full to the brim of wishing plunders and forvulous punctures to the ego of this seemingly undefeatbale interest were left untold. To unfold, or be bold is something I’m told is not a part of my nature. In fact, I’m very much the opposite of being opposite.

What d'ya think?

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