A Heroine Of I

As patterns in the sky collide the intrepid traveler inspired and never to claim for admiration sending stories of the east, it’s brilliant to see how well you’ve adapted. Unchained, from the past when you spoke, and now the present has proved your word is definitely and truly your word. The elders speak highly and younger even higher because you are the caricature of your fathers soul: forever young, wild and cunning. You’re a gem, rich like the queen or so it wouldn’t seem from the state of your shoes. You’ve been a heroine of mine for some time now and there is not a angle about you that needs sharpening.

Despite the doubt of fights that may have had consequences that lasted longer than the day but this time in the present is the only time available to miss you in. The same sun is always seen, that and the moon, but a thousands miles between a friend is a lifetime while they’re gone, a minute when they come back, then off again.

What d'ya think?

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