I’ll Get The Door

The misty glass containing the scenery holds half an image, the other mine in it, but beyond that is bountiful forestry that extends as far as the eye.  Driving, they’ve all got to be busy for something, beeping as poor judgment of the corner has lead to an unintentional near-collision, but clearly all the brakes involved pull their weight. A spire attached to a cathedral stands staring laconically, as a measure of good faith the river calms its presence flowing effortlessly in front whilst hosting a crowd of her majesties finest, earnest bird. In this third of the journey is where the biggest changes will be seen. Where an arched road bridge connect the land between there and here, anywhere is more logistically planned its probably just not as unique. The overwhelming amalgamation of spiritual awe arresting his attest to find his own theism atheist.

The racing catalyst that insinuates there may be power bigger, or a being that writes laws unto the people he is supposed to look over. The grove from where you came will always be your home, the tomb possibly of where your memories are locked to sedate your imagination away for the present. Though the original childhood home is what holds the punishments, passions and deceptions of your past are, your inanimate future is yet to be written. Ever mitten from the condition that sentimental misfortune might stay with you forever. Always reassure yourself with the knowledge: the experience that affects does not denote your defects.

What d'ya think?

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