Prone to elicit a kind of fondness of prolonged exposure in company, however, it has merely been a week. Since this whole debacle began and preposterously we’re superimposed in a symposium of elision. Deriving the cessation, a minor hitch from men accompanied by a collage of pitchforks, the temper was certainly inclining detrimentally. Frantic to prevail and succeed in his greedy tower he craved the sensation of satisfaction in satisfaction. More or less of that than either would desire to imagine has neither enthused and whether likely or not the stitching in their pockets should always be sown tight. Later they’ll figure that living in fear that the moment might actually be the everything its cracked up to be, but too scared to take a leap and find out that when you go there you can’t come back, maybe sometimes, but rarely. The situations messed up anyway why would you want to make it any more complicated?

What d'ya think?

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