Gambling With Gold

Living luxuriously in your kingdom you’ve become conflicted, biting the bark, or the mark left on his shoulder would’ve tempted her to believe I’m not wise enough to deceive; however, beautiful enough to succeed. After all, is that not all they wanted: a smile for picture day, possibly a traditionally calm rendition of a family take away dinner eaten in the politeness of the public seating area or waiting patiently for a road trip to the rents parents. Probably not appreciated highly enough, as the aging child always realizes in their early adulthood, granted its usually always taken for.

Now withering in a daydream of sorbet summers full of plenty of reactions from stupendously hyperbolic actions, including friends and the like. Perfect, so formidable in conveying explicit disinterest, the rest is kindly kicked away, but for a two course meal, I would suggest you step up your game.

What d'ya think?

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