Terrific News Instead

There is an overgrowth, an eloquent aftermath of neglect, poised in a state of contemptuous denial, the toil boils to a bubbling aggression. Snapping insecurely, the cracking of hinges bangs and slams a jam in the reverberation of your voiced objections, your reception garnished with an assimilated injustice. The ice melted a long time ago friend, you’re wasting time and you know it, go get your glory and treasure it. Wondering words never hold true for five seconds after they’re heard, unless challenged to whether they were actually listening anyway will allow them to regurgitate your form in a time that should be considered an instant. Similar scenes play out adjacently displaying varieties of nostalgia and incorrect sentiment but the racket remains the same. For in all these conditions the recipient almost instantaneously forgets once they’re safe back inside their own head.

Instead of aiming to unfold the secrets that sparked the fear or anger that made you behave in this manner, wouldn’t it be more productive to source the blatancy of these periodical emotions. Though you would condemn the unknown and blame the blown out of proportion attitude because your obviously far too imperious to admit you could by non-flatteringly coy. To be completely frank, you’re just a baby hanging half way out the pram with a toy that annoys every man to the core, all the more you should probably search for a cure to your vivacious demeanor. The cleaner of the two of us, you should also slam a self-evaluation into your daily routine, after two years now its just becoming obscene.

What d'ya think?

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