Mendaciously Obnoxious 

Enlisting the help of equality would craft or sympathize some malice in a desperate attempt to prevent widespread panic. In order to characterize an undiagnosed delinquency from the, more or less, predictably unpredictable behaviour of an anarchist. To understand why he put ninety milligrams of codeine in lowly caffeinated coffee, would take a lifetime understanding of conceded patience and virtue. For instance, one could argue that lying and truth telling are more of states of present preconditions. In either position one must first gather all the necessary information they can on this premeditated distinction; foreseeing there is a paradox between the two. It must be realized of course, that either are only true until the other is not.

You never smoked yesterday but you might smoke today, and tomorrow, Well. Fuck knows.

What d'ya think?

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