Burning In The Living Dreamer

Universally, its likely to be the most lonely, but exciting time in your freedom. You’d never need them to tell you its not worth it because worth is a marketable value, and value is meaningless, unless it indicated how many packets of sweets you may get for one currency, in which case it becomes valuable but not meaningful; they’re simply sweets. Sweetly distant but falling apart from every angle you’ve clearly never cared less, as it appears texting has made your words valueless, meaningless and damn right outrageous. To be suggesting that you’ve given a shit before and that is an excuse not to now, you’re a messed up gal aren’t ya.

Maybe not snorting but you’re definitely cavorting with the wrong types, if you had any sense at all you’d see that a chance is all that is needed because hesitance in protection from our flammable connection is no reason to throw yourself into the crowd. Obtuse, you’re actually making a mockery of an identity that took far too long to build, thrown at the wind in a moment as quick as that, and for what?

Literally nothing.

What d'ya think?

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