This Hustlers Luck

The wonder in is his eyes is contemptuous, comfortable and careful but the muggers behind the counter are really testing his ability to remain impartial to his minor inclination to rage a swift blaze of fury for the long way back. The longevity of his social understanding of everyone else’s awareness continues to ruffle the feathers of those who aren’t aware that he is simple and potentially kind, can you guess who’s on trial? Despair crossed the poor boys mind, only to find that no one cared anyway, in all honesty he’s never been good with people, just knowing.

The splatter of your deflated charisma rings blissfully and egotistically a signature avoidance will surpass any evidence that he wouldn’t surprise us, rest now because I can feel your tiredness from something as brief as a telephone call. His eyes are incidentally as sharp as a cap gun, take a look son but don’t get too close. Engrossed in the misfortune of limiting our tattletale philosophy, business is business as you and he presumed, just infuriating that it wasn’t that first thing you wanted to say. Silly really because now its just pitiful, go on call him cynical, suppose your luck would sooner evaporate before you apologized.

What d'ya think?

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