Illusion, Legacy and Elation.

Fixed in a messiah’s complex the indifference to be obligatory in this execution-less salamanders itch for another. Just to breathe in a breath that’s not quite cylindrical but magical both practical but considered unnatural to be inhaling in a frequency believed to be four scores beyond the mark. Started with an all so innocent spark, the initial referential to a cited professor will guide you in the appropriate direction. Powerful, knowledgeable and insoluble to solve the equation you might need to rearrange the ageing catalyst between the parenthesis. Lengths such as these ought not pass in time, this theorem is heavily correlated to a remediable recollection, decoding your inability to be fun and entirely misunderstanding the algorithm in practice. Nonsense, not animosity like a maverick felon outsmarting the guards, impressively you’ve found shelter in the shadows of an archway, free from the draw but not from the desk they’d be soon on his trail to arrest the best in business.

Accordingly, its incurably infectious that smile of yours, unfortunately they are the types to be following what you do. Actually it must be a burden to be among the messes of these floating bags of chemicals, buying shoes and what have you. Only to notice its not a responsibility that anyone should be concerned with, believing is not what makes you a believer. Its the belief that allows you to align yourself, with others who you assume would be similar thinking. However, it actually just highlights your willingness to be eluded. How strong is your feebleness to trick yourself into a delusion conjured from the sabotage of over-caring or too much hurt?

What d'ya think?

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