A Simple Melody

The most fascinating part of being mysterious is not the mystery, its that other people believe you’re doing something they are not, or in a way that they could never do. What they don’t realize is whether that person doing what they can or can not do wants the attention doing it or not. As those who put more effort in effortlessly look better than those whose effort can be seen in the exhaustion of an expression. Localized in the region of been chastised by a lack of appreciation or too much expectation will lead everyone to believe that nothing gets done with their supervision. If you can make a hard job look easy, make it, fix it and tempt another to think without thinking properly.

Its might be almost as exciting as that bewildering moment when you realize dissociation from socialization will inevitably lead to madness, but equally like one can do too little, too much can lead to over-exposure. Either will basically twist the thoughts of a mindless typer who can not seem to tap in the right order and of course there is the matter of his syntactical and contextual discrepancies. These could be looked past but overall its forever likely to hinder some sort of cohesion from the grammar, at least.

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