In Youth Our Pride Shined

To deliver a sweet catchphrase, or combine a wallet n’ chain to your jeans, one might refrain from the inquiry but your names definitely still on the list. For now, its not like his return is likely, honestly proud to have come this far, distance is the means in which time had allowed him to comply to certain responsibilities; nevertheless, analogies of a past life. It was never the same, and neither was he, both had changed in expertise. No longer a social commotion, he’s signalling the only known benefactor to a scene so heinous, as everyone sips, there is a smug smile on this bulldogs face. Transfixed in fifth gear all you can see is dollar signs in his eyes. He’s not even wearing a disguise its so obviously ignorant of me to think he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Undermining the soft competence that glistens in the hindsight of a personal affair, to be fair, you’re quite good at what you do. Whatever it is you actually do. Do you even know my middle name? For instance, you show a lack for detail but over compensation in degrading the skills of those willing to understand it must be difficult to please him. Come on, its become a silly little misunderstanding now, you know they mean’t no harm.

What d'ya think?

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