Life Like A Broken Bone

There is a clumsy looking soul over there, and maybe if he would like any assistance to aid his stance, well. This ghost wouldn’t be so against lending a hand, sure as he is to thank for the kindness of the strangers and in a blindness of pain and panic all he could do was trust. It must have thrown the spirit, thinking is he alright or is he broken. A token of gratitude is offered and shared in the thankfulness of this wonderful gesture, to him, to them, they shared an adieu, and parted for the rails. A couple of nails in the shoe, mind you, it was the most painful experience to date, especially after an old friend gave it a quick kick. To pick an attitude to go with, calm is always the best to aim for, in the luck of the draw if you look in pain you better hope what this stranger is offering you to deal with your pain is what she says it is.

What d'ya think?

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