These Cars Had Eyes

A fantastic re-imagining of a spare wheel, that peels the image of a dissection, moreover the frog on the tray lies still, wishing it still had the hop to jump from the flop in front of them. It’s a launchpad but nobody said it was easy, believe me when you see what you will see you’ll intrigue the knees off of ’em. Silver shimmering the knifes edge wanting nothing more than be useful and resilient in its solid metal state. The feeling of guilt might dissipate in just a moment when natural interest overpowers your moral significance. An indifference too strong to resist. In this case they were all doomed from the start. A departing notion from a passing locomotion of a picturesque view confines the thought of a lamenting stare over the arrival of tomorrow. The sorrow in the mow tows the low rider minding hide, not to mention the plate that begot the lamppost destroying most of the bumper and giving the beauty a black beauty that hideously threw his stone cold nerves into overdrive. Its beam now non-magnificent it was just an accident, but he bestowed no more succour in respect to the mindless drivers causation for an unfortunate exaction. Especially as he could barely stand nor discern his concern to the road in front of him due to the fact he was inebriate and therefore incapable.

What d'ya think?

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