Don’t Be Cynical 

To diminish in determination and like the pallendrome that rings silently to the orthography of listen. Parade your talisman honey, we’ve all seen this one before, stop ignoring the obvious conviction that you’ve had too much to drink. Luminous and led also LED if that’s what the grant has been used for then so be it, but its definitely a disappointment. There is no point in deporting any substantiate devolution, a quiet and spoken illusion that we all must fall for, be it today, tomorrow, yesterday or always. The forever butting in, or a never button, in the slight of hand deceived in a magic trick. Picking a moment perfect to deviate the attention to an open fist. Forget you, forget me too, this freshers influenza has beauties bested the nest of students clambered hungover to the poor bed side table, unable to move. The lampshade is only half the problem, there is also no alcohol left.

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