Jump Right In

You’ve scored a nine out ten at least for then if you breathed easily I wouldn’t have to tempt the stairwell with a smashing glass, the cracking pass of an omnidirectional nuisance. There is a nuance in the film strip, that clipped the tat from the tit to make you behave out of character, rather its more like an unnecessary delinquency dancing in the shadows of an adolescent belligerence to protect a flower that needs not nor wants none of the above. To rise above it would be comforting but your brashness might have really done it this time. The prime of night time has found the wrong line, belittling the confidence of the stampede that is barreling this way, this way to safety but lights flashing from the arriving officer the parole of this young gentleman’s collar has been ruffled in a scrap no less of a strange and bewildering encounter. After all he did was squawk a sound or two. Hardly a crime in the circumstance, but attacking what isn’t fine is not fine. Surely you have a capacity for shame?

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