A Thankful Retreat

To insist no categorical ethnography for a miscommunication between both interlocutors, well that’s just dandy, or handy to be such an assistant to a man whose ideas are bigger than all his unfinished projects. That’s just enabling, as the prince of the palace with no capital to balance his frame of will, discipline or skill. Craving an extra shaving of chocolate to mount the cupcake, lets bake. Is he failing to please a chorus of charismatic, emphatic, reassurance? The sort that sullenly follows the diction of an unscripted description of a recent conversation, pertained in an acquiescence of a senior affluence. It was less embarrassing and more comforting than expected, as though the floor might not have fallen through, invoking a bark from a panting member of the menagé. Bon voyage to the annoying longevity of the convergent cassette deck still plastered over from the previous owner. Consider, what kind of kid would mewl just to avoid the attention from the recollection of memories that have repeated a flurry of inquiry. In any instance, and just as it has always been, what come first is the ones that YOU love. 

What d'ya think?

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