• September •

For just a moment, the air in the room stood still, relenting an unreserved inclination to perturb a lost translation between the seat situating a full set kitchenette of problems to the table. A rambling of rampaging riffs, bangs and the clatter it brings wreaks a stifling atmosphere. Stable, though unable to clamber from the folded duvet that he’d successfully been able to perch himself upon. If only there was a billowing fraught of fresh morning air to bare a mighty and triumphant hankering for what at this point, you really shouldn’t have. Let’s just imagine that there is still time to access the friendliest deduction to dispute the dogma that daily challenges a strong willingness to be brilliantly brilliant, possibly even exquisitely differently. Gathered in sepia tone, these snaps might just give you the massage you desire, obviously require, but the definition is, from the sound of this chaps elocution, selectively futile.

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