A Champions Checklist

Did you bare the jive or let live the drive to strive for a higher demanding position? Lost or bested please do continue to tell me when you sat back and didn’t take the opportunity that sat before you. Another fortune of fallacy added to an unending hallway of lawless objections that scream wildly, like a mask that can’t be taken off. There is a social contaminate constricting his desperate repeater style to be appreciated. Or hated, just noticed in that many will pass the grandfathers of our future and the step-mothers of a past negligence to hinder their trumpets squeal. Convolution, too true, for the inclusion of a swooning moon clinging too soon and insufferably she wilts, sighs and then dies. So, come hither for the joyless epilogue of a drowning, slipping, crashing itching for a timely discrepancy. Forgotten now, the light is heading straight for the white rock that has stood proudly for centuries, but don’t twist the just of the gist because you might destroy the magic too soon.

What d'ya think?

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