Our Divine Complexity

The ecstasy of acceptability seemed to perplex his interpretation of an easy conundrum. As a result his concern drew to invigorate a dynamic segregation between what was considered to be his role in the experiment, and the actual volume. Slightly exaggerated as there is a component that twisted his wrist to insist theres not a good enough soul able to take precedence over your infliction. Well, that and just like life there are a multitude of variants and endless variables to take cause and effect from your lasting tractability. Begrudgingly, the end result is always the same.

A shame to realize this disembodiment of his internal integrity is just as puzzled as he is to despise. The rest may be divulged poignantly, beguilingly sparking a yielding moral history. Now recognized as astute, or dutiful assiduity, the pampered canvas you were drawn on has now been torn apart. Still there remains a resemblance of their presence in his present shadow. To harrow the influence of his past compadres would govern an opinion that could suggest pure and utter desperation. Actually though, it cast a vernacular discrepancy you would rather dissipate in front of than bite. Odd to disagree as our bovine culture would agree. Neither time or elasticity would allow an insatiable reprieve, indeed, that’s tortuousness for you.

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