The Amphigory

Would thee dare to defy any allegation that your horse might end the contest, to contest would neither make the best battery or the worst stallion, there are a bazillion reasons to ignore his imaginary hierarchy. Whichever the weather of his lavishly sweet candor of misdirection articulates the anticipatory puffin whom might just be chewing on his derived atonement. The tersely fun fabled liable label sharpens a perilous functionality and suffering the symbolism contained in his ennui. He’s vague, colourful, but staged to dispose an invaluable commentary. Stern and ambisinister he’s possessed an abundance of character that could elongate his charismatic rhapsodic veracity. In order to ostracize his winnowed wonder he managed to indemnify a conclusion. The magnification of his ability to transmogrify inutile detritus and produce a eye full of remunerative objects, the perplexity engorges his definition. Poignantly, differentiating the propeller of a utilitarian obstacle that promised to obscure a carnal condition refrained from being spoken about. The austerity of an interpersonal inspiration would still demean the capitalist that lingers in the deepest regions of the western national cortex. Yes, you may stop now.

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