A Destiny You Can Reach

The handsome heights of the pinnacle path to righteousness delivers a dividing and separate tone of conduct that perforates his loathsome version of his self. Self being the shelf that mounts a mountain of bothering bundles belittling a neater or more organized tenderness. Only to disguise this malleable moment asunder this careless carpet of imagination. There is not enough of what seemed to signal quite too much of his attention to a perfect likeness in the mirror, slithering above and ultimately inciting a titillating nervous breakdown. To elicit an inferior memoir to retreat in the form of a pliable conference between a true sadness and lying happiness. They’d rather be a madman with a purpose than a pitifully purposeless being of the sane variety. Expertly condoned to receive payment under commission, this position is dangerous but leap girl, you can’t possibly know what you’re capable of until you try.

Needless to say that the softer of the trivial pursuits rendered these monsters pervasive, evasive and finally intrusive. It’s clear you’ve hammered an innumerable sense of dread into this felicitous predicament. This prospered magnificence, lit in the incense of lavender, its flickering flame illuminating the immediate darkness destined for her to be anywhere better than there. Saying you’re not worthy, well, only you could be so perverse.

6 thoughts on “A Destiny You Can Reach

  1. Wow… So my reach of destiny seems like quite the journey that is fictitious in nature but is turned literal through my faith in its presence? Where the journey itself is not enjoyable and I am using my imaginary satisfaction from a fictitious goal to cloud my reality that this journey is hard and enjoyable? That’s my interpretation!


    1. Your interpretation is very interesting, I always appreciate what other people think! In either condition I suppose the reality is always going to be literal, and the goals that originate in imagination or with fictitious intent will eventually manifest itself into your perception of reality, whether enjoyable or hard, the journey is always miraculous.

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