Deliriously Indefinable Transparency

Disaster struck with an elegant blow, prevailing to decrease the time it took for him to notice he was alone, angered and floundering a glamorously misguided gander. His splendor, exacerbated, in the courtyard of a countries meandering endeavours. The feathers of this fiend, grind daringly in the face of a politically incorrect seemingly decent alligator. It’s no secret that he’s been frying an irrational brash bash with a bacon-like scent. Accurately you may have just secured this nations defeat. Severely obsolete, you’re an indecipherable tool that no ones quite figured out how to use, as of yet. A bet stands between two men of so called honour and circumstance, but the stance they’re sporting would incline one to believe otherwise. Neither wise or sensible this metaphor of a darker past and brighter future has become redundant. So stop thinking long term, what are you going to do now?

An astounding pressure builds from this damaged dome of indifference. Upon by which a positionable clairvoyance would insist that you’re considered a spineless speul. Falling dastardly to dumbfounded deceit isn’t wonderful let us tell you. It’s certainly difficult to understand the reasoning behind your outlandish stupor, but by all means please, you continue to feel superior.

What d'ya think?

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