Owning Vacancy

Deviating from the paradigm, enables his shadow to profess a wonder-less but no less profound typification of a presumptuous nonredeemable allegation. The preparation was worthless and not to withstand the demand but his hand is clinging to the railing the entire matchbox, clocks or equinox, it never quite seems to be in order. For orderliness is the most important of the coroners cornerstone, similar to that of a complex and sensitive tome engorging him within a tomb of an emotional backlash, the lashing hurt but its nevertheless comforting to feel something. Others peruse but pay valiance beyond perfection to a stifling mental inebriation, satisfying a satisfaction-less lament, content lying dormant for the time being. Savvy and wise, a consolation prize lies miles away in his eyes, but here, there is doubt. Doubt that inspiring mediocrity in the manner that severs the always catalyst is perturbed. To suppose that being average is not average enough, living in the mind of the feeble dreamer, might just produce a gleam between the calipers break. Given to the mild wherein the ponder of a young travelers mind is free, lest freedom come at the cost of unsightliness. Maybe you will never know what it feels like to not feel a thing.

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