Of Confidence And Coincidence

Firstly, divide the conquerable quest that multiplied the problematic solution in a multitude of inoperable actions. Easily freaking their neighborliness with his elongated hammer of a speech pattern. Quicker to flatten or assume the room would soon host another array of idiosyncratic dialects converging the minor mannerisms of opposing hypothetical ridicule, hypocritical in essence the presence of this environment is polished but empty. They accelerated, passing then masking a shyly wild bystander in the flinching convulsions caused by an irrational fear of two digits. Just a smidgen, eleven nor twelve would confer to lure his minds expressionism. Impressionism possibly lancing any angered soliloquy held at a parties table, maybe that long island and steak issued more courage than originally arranged. Once estranged but now belonging to and wanting to please the elders of the breeze, smiting the goose-goose tenant noose that’s wrapped upon a black pear. There, the tear of the tear rolls beading across and away, she may, he ought. Neither climbing the ladder, at this point but the only direction left is up, so dither would you, there is not much time left.

What d'ya think?

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