Harboring The Tide

The strife of a serpent is abundant but could also be recollected as pointless, only mining the major fault that buried the elevation of his summation. Sliver beyond the curse of a sliming sorrow, the leaves from the trees still borrow the lightness of tomorrow to puncture a jiggling jamboree all but entailing a dissatisfied custom. Illustrious, preposterous or timely in the final demise of the surprising evolution that caused this carnivore to carry on his dutiful pretence. Elegance is all that stands between the monstrosity that beseeches and the leeches beneath the eking boards of a saddening abandonment. Clamber in the entangling random tenor under his brethren, breath and binding his flat gratitude and timing the landing perfectly, he’s confessed a compliment in the shape of an insulting burden. Hurdling a savage sign of self deprivation and low esteem towards the faces of dampened dreams. Metaphysical twits, tweeting turmoil from an insidious temperament, the enlightening government surely have their eyes on something. Let’s hope it’s not you.

What d'ya think?

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