The Slumbering Secrecy Of The Singularity

In the light warmth of the morning, the sun drizzled sunrise passed through to a tightly spontaneous settlement, only frowning the clouds heavy condensation that would lead to the falling precipitation of the mountains breast. The rest lies neatly within a persistent gust of winter wind that sifts swiftly through the ruffling feathers of yet another mystic neanderthal. If there were to be some kind of distance aside from its perpetually annoying and somewhat startling persistence, the humidity might just clasp the atmosphere. Mindless to rely on his confidence as he used to exhibit a quick witted thunder before he was indited with a pretentious posture. He’s resorted to lying through the teeth, as he believes all that he sees her to be in order to catch a pandering glimpse of a simplified unspoken indicator. The sort that could seep deeply towards the core of a casuistry motivation.

These commoners care for and listen priding a chicanery fulfillment to spill this flagellating discourse, there is only so much drama one can tend, or pretend that its irrelevant to intend a committed rendition, she couldn’t wait to be concerned from. The form of said ethos would wander the aching lanes of these archived conspiracy sequences aligned by his snide, exuberant encomium. One element that upends the longevity of the immersion and rings loudly like the bells of the clergymen relating to the significance of their passion, lust and life. In a way that not only reflects their accolade, but upholds it.

What d'ya think?

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