Wayward Child

Befuddling the troubled rumbling sensation spurring the elimination from listenable comments spangling his intangible tenderness, it is wholeheartedly not your fault, just overwhelming. Unfortunately, that is how it is to be dealt, not a full house mind, more like finding the rind imposing, bright and too tough. Scuffing or bluffing in detriment but appreciating every ounce of your accepting nature, bless you, both your mind and body are sublime. The covering freezing cubes to the vodka lemon and lime is perfectly divine, only reminding the benign that numbness need not only consist of the ill-remark it usually indulges the common capacity to lie emptily. Teaming extravagant lethargy with exasperated delinquency, whereat no amount of caffeine could dispense anything close to intelligible. Worry wearing an unending cape that sometimes shines lightly a spare thought for another approximate mare. The tear in the compression of inspiration is still overwhelming under the candle flame of pressure to complete original creativity in a format that raises self expectation higher than a goal worth reaching. Not to preach, or ditch the body of blame outside Aristotle’s cave, but if you decrease the elevation you’ll probably stop doubting the dumbfounding flavour of not trying hard enough yet still demanding proficient consequence.

2 thoughts on “Wayward Child

  1. Nice write

    Really liked the lines ‘Teaming extravagant lethargy with exasperated delinquency’ and ‘Worry wearing an unending cape that sometimes shines lightly a spare thought for another approximate mare.’

    Amazing vocabulary as well.


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