Will Without Honor

Finding yourself or like the deception from ones exceptional defeat; you may as well keep trying because no one is going to do it for you. Even if you did teach yourself everything you know, they’ll tell you that you know nothing. An idiot to accept the responsibility that is shared for the reason that you can’t look after what we’ve all discussed as your apathetic ego. Tersely overt but privately discouraged, there is not a chance in France you’re getting out alive. Sadly, the deprived in the here and not the now allowed the arrogance to manifest an unimaginable melancholy under the casket. That day, that terrible memory will never relent its dark sorrowing, bleak severity.

I will forever appreciate what you showed everyone, to enjoy every game, every step of the path leading closer to those you couldn’t speak, eat or sleep without. They respect that a single instance can alter every precondition they were destined to deceive themselves through natural disbelief. Offering a token of regret which weighed ten tons more than any conferrable gratitude for what you blessed us with. Understand, the master of the plaster will not only bail you out again, but let you know the sun, will, shine again.

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