Phantoms Of A Conscience

Welcome to the humble loner. The organ donor that sliced the primer unto the too true ca-choo skipping dastardly along the brine. Stride proudly, moreover when the fine rhyming confines the confiding idling beyond the escalating pettiness in their salience. So persevere with the writhing hat styling making all the party guests feel uncomfortable, there may only be a few moments left to capture this iniquitous, seemingly ridiculous capitalist consumerism perspective. We’re told is necessary, not evil, within the functioning capacity of the first world, we’ve grown fond of.

What appears to be constant but dying in the abiding frame that is captivating these confusing meta-linguistic ramblings. Soon to be second guessing and gambling our progress to an alighted consciousness that should have solidified any query of their sectional elasticity. They’re still practicing a sample able to endorse the coarse tactile enforcement that broke the stake but stoked the gracious anomaly that was never meant to be said, let alone misread.

What d'ya think?

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