Swindling Reality

The banishing celebration in his mind only brought more disappointing information that lead to the standardized emotional segregation between the oblique and the tweaked temporal orthography. Though post the ocular inspection you’d realize that enemies are often what is to be deemed valueless beyond themselves, or detrimental to their exterior existence. A persistence, if one will, to offer nothing less than tempestuous toughness within their gravitas. Moreover gambling the gallantry to determine assimilated over-stimulation in their very social, biological even heuristically periphrastic engagement. They’d need to insinuate behind the frontal rendition, your precognition smiling but dressed in a sorrow-less embrace. Her face gracing the lacing of your fragility. A virginity of their ecology sparkling in a heterogeneous fumble. ¬†Likened to a bumbling trap that left the enormous gap under this inoculating resistance. Dare to be dumbfounded or aggrieved to be baffling. Change the tone, honey bee, listen to the burrowing and reserve the urge to tip toe below the exhilarating pyramid scheme you tried so desperately to escape the debris.

What d'ya think?

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