Mampalahelo Famoronana

Winding down the frown from a simple days clumsy and dissipating aftershock that married a lavish spectre with a juvenile disaster cipher. Still, the mavericks scene is soon to implode, or erode the amendment of a serving issue. Cautious to infer subdued sincerity as faithfulness always lax in attainment, the presiding prepositions hold true and intervene between the more meaningful of the morphological structures. Standing over the impossibility of feeling victimized by a high functioning intellect but an incapacitating inability to complete even the simplest of efforts. Sorely, no approval can prolong the endless suffering that engorges our entire existence. Indeed, a downer that clings to every morning breeze, leaving half his vision in your world and most of it in his.

This, that, these and those all dispose the finalizing symposium; scarcely an energy prepared or willing to enjoy the hardly difficult act of attentiveness. Not that it matters, but you’d feel more worthy from the gratitude of prose without a cause. Though even if the cause wasn’t enough the curse of being entirely misinterpreted is perfectly painful. Wouldn’t we agree? Of course they wouldn’t because its bigger than us, them or you, its clearly fanciful congress debating retrospectively disabled views on something they can neither requite nor comprehend. Offering the momentous, constantly considered grandiloquent reasoning, that being sacramental does not compliment the ego.

What d'ya think?

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