Reveling In Reflection

These words, seemingly meaningful, appearing masterful and yet no grandiose epiphany to shock the the reading participant. Relieved in the perpetual trenchancy of being saved under the entitlement: non-miraculous. That is not to claim negligence for a satisfying instability dispersing the platform before him. In any respect the omission of consistency can only be redeemed marginally from time to time in an unprecedented blind frenzy of chemical comets practicing timelessness, effortlessly, and subsequently complaining about the indifference. A preference, moreover, to battle the ailment without any pharmaceutical assistance, its basically a mental impotence to constantly feel under pressure not to ask, seek or gratify any sort or coincidence. All it takes is an utterance.

The trepidation the day entails persistently derails the fabricated illusion designed to manipulate the mass population consumption theorizing your character might not sustain the adequate willfulness to live the life you dreamed you’d be living. Though comparable to the conduit severity electrifying the denial that self worth might be worth the colourful palate electing this artists selective invention. In hindsight, without trying you could never cut the crust off the curfew or permit your insomnia to slumber beyond a single digit frame. Unable, though, to refrain the lame turmoil that offered no relent to the befriending detriment between lax ambition and slandering self appropriated derision, this mission has certainly conquered the division. Nonetheless, it became effortless to blame this age old deflation exercising a major simplicity for retaking control. Then just like that it had a name, Garble.

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