The cryptic canvas holds only half the clues and shows a meager five percent of the entity, breaking the social legality of the contemplating differentiation to liberate infraction from preposterously short inspection. A salvageable ownership regarding the swishing of the pen in a manner of symbolic imagery, immediately altering the typography to a slant. Patterns in choice indicating the identity insisting to be expressed, but the excess of what is not said still lingers till the message breaks. The underling condition buried beneath the surface, you’d have to be a maniac to believe purposefulness arrives directly from ingenuity. In actual fact it is more likely an abstract attraction seeping from every paw that obliges the individual to be perceived as useful. They’re fearful to become what one despises in those that came before, it often unlocks a door that can not be shut as easily as it was opened; results preserved within divinities reach. A breach of conduct that spills a gratuitous moral fortune, we’re not nearly as brilliant as we’re so desperate to believe.

3 thoughts on “Wanderer

    1. I’m just managing to provide illusive works without an entire loss of meaning, but I’m glad it meant something to you. I’ve just visited your blog, and you have a splendid writing style, I must say, a lovely theme as well! 🙂

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