The Futures Fog

Trouble in paradise from a light social, optimally vocal, infringement souring the groups exchange from something particularly pleasant to an irreparable situation. So, two points short of a retake, the beef remained under-cooked and just like your table manner, we’re all in for an overcompensated roast. Now the lining of prior delirious engagement shattered what seemed to be a capricious endearment elevating the simmering tension just about to boil beyond the precipice. Quick to elicit rage, he may be the most inappropriate coaster to host the attention of the podium, only sentimental veracity would deserve a training course in sentient interaction, something only a fraction of the brightness minds can’t understand or reciprocate. Nerves set to thirteen because there still hasn’t been a moment this ant has been able to feel comfortable within his own skin, it can’t be senseless to imagine being a redaction from some dilapidated mental devastation.

Therein today there is no cure to endure such torture other than accepting the mendacious continuation of fluctuating destiny. One minute a deity, the next a stumbling calamity. The eccentricity is categorized irresponsibly into logical thinking disguised as tactically sought mettle, you’re never going to interrupt the completely maniacal intra-physical monologue expecting emptiness in emotion and respect as an excuse for reluctance. Indulgent and insistently blabbing neurotic nonsense, you may as well desensitize yourself, because noise is only worth making if it is being listened to, regardless of comprehension, as long as their concentration has proved genuine. You may still have a friend tomorrow.

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