A Passive Conjuncture

At least a month to recuperate is more than enough time to progressively contemplate what you’ve achieved, or annoying to admit more poignantly, what is yet to be done can deliver anxiousness, worry and fear in any combination of reticulation. To reiterate, his lacuna set off various alarms in his conjugated fallacy causing an exuberant sense of forfeiture fulfillment. Similar to the caught troublemaker outside the internal exclusion office wearing a frown not like testing resilience but actually closer to mournful nonchalance, sensing that getting caught was a bigger problem than the problem. Regardless the boy hereby exhibited any level of benign insecurity managing to overcome his most distasteful characteristic: applied pressure in correlation to peak performance. Even so it is inferential that he wants to be considered a rebel but still remain barely within the radar, positioning his academically transfixed eyes upon institutional lies. Well, it couldn’t have been easy to own toxic demons.

Though there is only so much resentment that can occur from a severe lack in attendance, still a reckless technique for the final erosion of whats supposedly the most important of all the years. Still, leer at the final rising prize shining from the end of the funnel facing the sun. Journey forward son, the end of the road is nearly done and soon too to receive what should be awarded for the sum, which deserves to be a lot less, of half a hundred big ones. Even in the climate of societal demand, the deficit of crippling fear adds a dubious representation of an incompatible tear in both aptitude and temper. Equaling a sequential and intermittent remission of symptoms, that both debilitates and invigorates an eventual compromise; keep brawling stranger.

What d'ya think?

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