Gasping For Air

The muddle entwined the snipe that encumbered the scavengers travel pack, shaving the shallower of all the pensive expectations unto a bed less comfortable and a lack of privacy that bore on the borderline of inconsiderable. No longer tucking her shirt into her shorts, shes living in the freeing dreaminess of contentedness, and there is no problem with that. In fact, she is extending joyfulness in this precious time of her life. She most likely wouldn’t change an instant, learning new things and being invited to new offerings from a culture she has only just recently adjoined.

Her coinage of shell relating utterances still brings shuddering prominence to his ears and even if at the time it may have been unbearable. In hindsight it was nonetheless exhilarating to glow in the gleam that inspired these personal creations. Naturally in times as to not know sporting a retaliation as aggravating, but no less entertaining, seemed to only progress her tendency to increase the frequency to which these nicknamic innovations would occur.

The reminiscence remained residual, which explained the loneliness that deranged his indecisive brain from churning at a Wilde rate, but did not entirely cease the sporadic collection of equally pointless workings. Ripening a breeding ground frenzy of abused grammar, hanging participle’s and words that aren’t quite in the class they were born. Summing the projection of the project, entirely shrouded on snags of remedial uninteresting hindrances, to the likening of a soon to become extinct squawk which squanders an already perishing justification.

What d'ya think?

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