Under the umbrellas protection span, he began to slowly rejuvenate the juices that invested a plentiful squeezing, the easing slapped him like the compliment of the sun, because after all; it’s alright. Learn to fly brittle black bird, unless you’ve already forgotten, all your life you might have been waiting to set yourself alive with the most important of flights in the sky. We’ve been hearing your chirp, sweet tweeting come the moonlight, in the day its a beautiful juxtaposition of shade. Musically you might take the grade but you’ve never had the time nor patience to give it a glistening listen let alone a college try. Luckily there is always an opportunity to fail, mind, wouldn’t that just be another embarking tale to tell one another, in the sun kissed brother that is tomorrow. Borrowing wine for a judgmental glancing cue like “isn’t it about time you cut that out?”

Was it not he who abstained from the nectar who attained the prize or was it the face like a corpse ignoring the stagnant truth that too much ought to kill you? Never again will he not concentrate when he’s passive to pass the curbing toxicity , like this memorial tune he had spent far to long boasting his prior state, but his state now indemnifies the ties hes trying with immense difficulty to unfold. He’s pretending to be bold, not so cleverly, as it is just stabbing his fulfillment. In essence his presence in front of this eight legged garden-less beatitude is harvesting his soul for food, and mewing his bones to ensue a shrewd secession of unbecoming fortitude. So let the tannoy announce, yes, he’s finally had a gut-full.

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