Run It Off

The years may have not been kind, but neither of them cared when company met ecstasy. Then all those seemingly major complications that matter so much in your own world drift away under the enriching cacophony of blustering conversation. Fueled by the camaraderie of beer, the endless memories would be hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t stroked the stoking arch of a campfire with a aerosol can, endangering everyone within a two meter radius. The line within us never crossed or breached the peaches skin to remain sure that this was a lifetime commitment, accentuating the others belonging security. Frankly, it was purely in the brain that they were uncomfortably numb. Too dumb to realize their own potential, a hundred others would trade the southern hemisphere just to have a chance at their objections. There wasn’t a party the two wouldn’t charge a large overpowered drink to pluck the fearlessness to chirps a bustling young chipper in a game that was later ascribed, when you meet me.

Though now it isn’t everyday like the good old days that they can parade down new street, or pass out in the garage that held the smoke from either apparatus, their status is now on hiatus, that is until their selective decisions lead them somewhere where they can once more collaborate. Ying and yang would be prudent and altogether proud of the compound that makes up the connection that kept them in a double helix. There will always be an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that should be allocated to their design, it would seem given the structure originally or more time or better insight into what and where this soul would want to haunt, maybe Felix wouldn’t have strayed so far from the childhood projection. To which he replied “Just drink your beer”.

What d'ya think?

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