Inordinate Exposure

Quantifying the reception bars that tricked him into believing he was bribing more for his coin. The toying deception caressing his ego into activity, not wanting to let anyone down he would hide his benign frown from the town he ran from, the curtain and rail sailing a flag flat of his dire tales from a sedated past. The vast majority claiming to part their opinions based on knowledge they do not own, and like the box that tell us all to quieten down during the riot or stay within the house, well when the walls of society finally give way you will still be entitled to take whatever you want.

There is no chance a puny politician will fix you up a nice meal, the deal is you work harder than you probably can and in return they’ll take all that horrible caviar off the table. Never fear patrons of the kingdom, if your children are truly that hungry they can eat the lottery ticket losings from yet another, unmistakable ploy to make you waste whatever leftover workings on winnings that no matter how plausible it seems, to convince yourself, this time the gods of odds might just allocate your digits for fruition. The division growing thicker and the outcome destined to be bleaker, it appears there is no other way to get ones voice heard than the masked anonymity of shared passive aggression.

The words would mean nothing said in the same standpoint as they always have been, it takes change from the demonstrated proposal that even mentioning the individual loads the terms harder and more harshly than anyone without face ever could. So, here’s to you Bonnie.

One thought on “Inordinate Exposure

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