Was it professor Pepper whom severed the feathers leather but whether the tether or forever would endeavor to curse the purse of tomorrows you, shouldn’t it be yesterdays please. The grease of disease is eager to please your squeeze, seized the ease in freezing the clasped depreciating leased crease dividing the east side from the west. To consider our pride, what did you do last time?

What might you argue about? The reconciliation of a dark past, a vexed anger issue passed on vastly as temporary. The subject matter is silent, body language in retirement; the mood remains violent. Ride the ride, speak to speak, watch the landscape escape and surprise your mind with thoughtful bounty, we’re nearly out of the county. Wave, hug and watch the departing passenger roll off into the distance. It’s only responsibility derailing the hollow tomorrow that awaits.

Change their worlds.

What d'ya think?

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